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Staircase builders
At their core, stairs serve the very practical purpose of conveyance: bridging floors and elevations. They also make a huge architectural impression on a home’s interior and should accurately reflect the style and stature of a residence.  No matter their individual aesthetics, they also need to be safe, comfortable and extremely well built to withstand the daily barrage of bouncing feet and pulling hands.

Given that safety, comfort and quality workmanship is automatic, most of the decision making for a stair remodel comes down to the aesthetic details, and there are many, many decisions to be made.  With quality stair design the final result is the sum of it’s many parts, each bringing subtle cues to create a beautiful and architecturally relevant feature for your home.

Young & Son Woodworks pays attention to all those critical details and in conjunction with superior workmanship produces a durable, historically appropriate work of art for your home.

Here is a list of some of the more common stair services we are pleased to offer:

  • Handrail installations
  • Newel post anchoring
  • Complete new balustrades
  • Baluster replacement
  • Open balustrade with mitered skirt boards and risers
  • Transition from carpet to hardwood treads
  • Historically accurate repairs/additions/renovations

Take the first step in improving your stairs.

Attention General Contractors:

We offer any of our stair services direct to GC’s.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss any upcoming projects.  It’s never too early in the process, as there are many framing considerations as part of a well built/well designed stair set.